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When hunger, clothing and shelter are issues that need immediate attention for survival, books never can be a priority for such children. They cannot even nurture a dream which is supported by academic excellence. They struggle for survival and their dreams and desires are covered by layers and layers of daily life issues. We all talk about poverty and how these children need a chance in life. But then, how many of us actually act, try to become mentors and help as many as we can? For many of us, this topic is a tea-time discussion with friends, where we always put the blame on the system. In reality, how many of us have made any effort to bring about a change? This is why Visamo Kids…

It is said that only those people who dream, can make it a reality. In 2002, the dynamic Manjula Pooja Shroff, Chairperson, Calorx Education Research Foundation, who always wanted to help such under-privileged, gave shape to her dream and hence Visamo Kids Foundation was founded, where such children would not only be given shelter, but their dreams and aspirations would be nurtured so that they could go back to their family as well as community and help the others come up in life. And thus uplifting the whole community that they belong to. An initiative of the Calorx Foundation, Visamo Kids Foundation is where children belonging to the below-poverty-line strata of society, who live in environs that are not conducive to education, are provided schooling as well as a direction in shaping their careers.

This is based on the belief that through education we are making fundamental changes in the lives and thoughts of these children, with the anticipation that they will in turn upgrade their families and society.

We want each child to be confident of herself/himself and to be able to stand as an equal in the society, with equal number of opportunities in life. We wish to see them as pilots, commandoes, CEOs, singers, dancers and be happy with whatever conscious choices they make in life.

Empowering lives through Education and Environment that propels them for better future.

Tax Benefit under Income Tax Act - 1961
80 G - 50%
35 AC - 100%
501 C - Applicable for Donations in USA
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